We are living close to risk in every field of our lives. Several risks surround us although they might not be likely for us to notice. Even at the moments that we think we are utmost safe...

Finance sector comes on top of the list where the risk is endured the most. From the conglomerates ruling over millions of dollars to the individuals as the smallest unit of the economy, there are threats surrounding all actors of the economy.

Living side by side with the risks might be a part of our lives and businesses. However, it is possible to manage the risks and keep them under control. We may ensure security by analyzing the conditions and accompanying risks, which are currently available or may occur in the future, and by taking the accurate measures, continue with our lives with a peace of mind and protect our businesses.

We, as KKB, dissipate the clouds with the services we offer in such an economic atmosphere full of unknowns. We ensure that all economical units, including financial institutions, manage their risks successfully and we pave the way in order for them to take controllable risks.

With the radical change and restructuring process we have undergone in 2012, we are paving the way for creating the added value we provided in the financial sector as well as in the real sector by opening our information-based services to the entire real rector, individuals and organizations. We are aware that better management of credit risk by the real sector will reduce the credit risk of the financial sector.

In our Annual Report 2012, we are sharing our activities we have performed in order for the wheels of the economy to rotate securely, as well as our financial portrait with you.

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